Fall into Savings: ImEPIK’s Online PCQI Training + Unlimited Licensing – Sale!

As the seasons change, we have an exclusive opportunity for you and your team to fortify your food safety expertise.

Welcome to ImEPIK, your trusted partner in shaping food safety leaders. We’re excited to unveil our sizzling Exclusive End-of-Summer Sale, a limited-time offer that combines our online PCQI Course with the power of unlimited licensing for four months. That means you can enroll as many people as you want during that period.

Elevate your food safety game, equip your entire organization, and ensure your organization’s compliance at an unparalleled value of solo $ 8,000. Elevate your food safety leaders companywide, and embark on your journey to excellence with ImEPIK.

Why Choose ImEPIK for Your PCQI Certification?

ImEPIK is your partner in ensuring FDA compliance and fostering a robust food safety culture. As a trusted name in online food safety training, we provide practical, accessible, and cost-effective courses that set you up for success.

Relevance and Value of the PCQI Certification

In the complex food safety landscape, the FDA and SFCR are increasingly concerned about the adequacy of safety programs and product quality. Your role as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) is pivotal. In consumer claims or regulatory inquiries, your expertise becomes the linchpin.

Our training equips you with the skills and knowledge to safeguard public health. By training all food safety and production personnel on how to prevent foodborne illness, you’re ensuring the safe preparation of food products for human consumption in Canada and the United States. Your entire team can benefit from understanding food safety best practices, and how to apply and verify risk-based preventive controls.


  • Aprendizaje práctico: ImEPIK ensures you’re not just informed but equipped to implement best practices in food safety.

  • Savings in Time and Costs: Our online courses save you travel expenses and time away from work, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Accessible Everywhere: With mobile and tablet compatibility, ImEPIK adapts to your learning preferences.

  • Compromiso interactivo: Our cutting-edge technology fosters interactive, project-based learning that mirrors real-world scenarios.

  • Certified Competence: Our competency-based assessment guarantees your mastery of vital food safety principles.

  • Valuable Certificates: Our training certificate adds value to your food safety profile.

Join the ImEPIK Experience

ImEPIK’s commitment is to your success. Our research-based training, coupled with practical insights, creates an unparalleled learning journey – and now your entire organization can benefit for just $8,000. Through flexible, accessible, and interactive education, your company will master the art of food safety compliance.

Offer only valid through October 15, 2023!

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